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About Us

What is ENIVID?

ENIVID started with a simple mission: to create artwork for apparel that celebrated and empowered women of every walk of life. In the five years since its conception, ENIVID has grown from a few graphic tees to dresses, swimwear, mugs, stickers, and more. And that's just the beginning. My goal for this brand is to create a movement of self-love that passes from one woman to the next like wildfire. I want women and children to feel limitless and priceless and INCREDIBLE when they wear or carry or use an ENIVID item. That's the dream. 

Four images of a curly hairred woman smiling and posing in various positions, wearing Enivid by B. Genette graphic tees that read: Woman: Noun. 1. Acreator of life and source of nurturing. 2. An unstoppable force of nature.

Our Story

In 2018, B. Genette was sitting at her part-time job, dreaming of the business she longed to own someday. A brand that focused on celebrating women of every diverse background and empowering them to embrace their Queendom. After losing her job, B

set out with only a little bit of money and a handful of drawings and her son on her hip, determined to create her dream business so one day she wouldn't have to rely on part time jobs that could drop her at a moment's notice. With passion and faith, B launched ENIVID by B Genette just two short months after losing her job, and while it' hasn't been easy, she hasn't regretted a single day of her journey. Welcome to the dream, Queen. This is ENIVID. 

How We Do It

ENIVID by B Genette is  a small company with big ambition and a lot of heart. Part of what makes us unique, aside from our one-of-a-kind mood-boosting designs, is that almost all of our products are made to order. That means that unlike big box companies, we don't keep regular inventory. When you place an order with us, a real human being processes your order at one of our partner fulfillment centers located in here in the United States and ships it straight to your door. This not only allows us to reduce waste, but also to personalize your order experience, ensure top quality, and update and change our product offerings without producing product waste. 
While we aren't currently able to source all of our materials from the US yet, we are working towards it more and more with each year. 

*International orders may be fulfilled at fulfillment center outside of the US, depending on location. Feel free to message us with any questions, and we'd be happy to answer!

Meet The Team

Some businesses are small. This one is really small. This may be a one-woman-show, but it wouldn't be possible without all of you. 

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