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An Ode To Motherhood

I love being a mom. I love these tiny, ever-growing people and their ability to ground me and make me feel like I’m losing my mind at the same time. I love how they teach me to slow down my thoughts and just be. I love how they challenge me to listen more, breathe deeper, spend more time outside, and to enjoy the messes as they come, because you can always clean them later. Motherhood is endless, senseless work sometimes, but the reward is absolutely priceless. I’m paid in wet kisses and hugs from tiny arms, laughs that echo in the air, and the occasional, “I love you” mumbled sleepily at the end of the day.

Being a mom is messy. Being an artist is messy. Creating a life for you and your children that isn’t based in struggle and trauma is messy work. But it’s worth it. Because we are worthy. We deserve to heal, to grow, to move forward. We deserve to work on ourselves without shame, to work for ourselves without judgement, and to choose the path we want to take in life without restriction. We are worthy of happiness, of love, of safety. We are worthy of every good thing that comes our way and strong enough for every challenge that accompanies it. ✨


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