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Behind the Design: Hey Mama

Imagine you're a mom. Now imagine you're a mom running on three minutes of sleep because you have one kid teething and another having nightmares so he wants cuddles but ended up kicking you in the face all night. Now imagine you roll out of bed after your human alarm clocks go off at exactly 7:11 AM. You drag yourself to the kitchen to pour cereal and have blueberries chucked at your head, and you reach for a mug for your much needed morning cup of go-juice, and when you grab that mug off the shelf, you look at it, and you pause. "Hey Mama, You can do this." It whispers, just as you felt your nerves unraveling and had begun questioning if you'd survive the day. You can do this. You repeat your new mantra to yourself and take a deep breath before diving back into your regularly scheduled morning chaos, cup of hot coffee in hand, feeling a little less alone.

That's what this mug is for.

There's a million other scenarios I could illustrate for you that capture moments of Mama:

Running late for work because your child wouldn't stop crying for you when you dropped her off at daycare. Pumping for the fifth time that night while running on no sleep and wondering if it's even worth the sore nipples and sleepless nights. Crying in the bathroom at work because you wish you could be at your preemie son's side in the NICU, but someone has to pay the hospital bills. Watching your daughter pack up her childhood room as she gets ready to leave for college. Running after toddlers nonstop. Navigating teenager meltdowns. Potty training. Wherever you're at, whatever it is; Hey Mama, You Can Do This.

Being a mom myself, I get it. I have two little angels, and I love them to bits. They're the light of my life, the apple of my eye, yadda yadda yadda. But sometimes I want to quit. I want to take off the "Mama" hat and just be Brittany Who Showers Alone and Answers To No One. And there's times where I can be her, but when I'm in the thick of it, sometimes I need that reminder, that I can do it. I can do whatever it is in front of me, even if it's just to survive the day. So, I wanted to make something to be that reminder. Something almost completely universal to all the mamas: The Coffee Mug. We all love a cup of hot (read: lukewarm and reheated 647 times) coffee or tea while managing our tiny overlords. Some of us wouldn't survive without it. So, what if that little cup of liquid happiness you have cradled in your hands like a baby bird could actually cheer you on? Wouldn't that be nice?

That's what this mug is for.

Now, you may have noticed a couple variations on the mug. Black, white, cOLoRfuL??? That's on purpose, I promise. I wanted you to have options. You may not get to choose when your baby will blow out his diaper, but you can pick your mug. I'm an artist, not a magician.

There's two themes at play: Minimalism and Maximalism. The Yin and Yang of fashion, art, and life. For the minimalist design, I kept it simple. Just the text with the option of black on white or white on black, for the mamas who like things crisp, clean, and straight-to-the-point. Unlike their five year old's story about how his toy dinosaur ended up in the garbage disposal. (Spoiler Alert: The dinosaur was cave diving.)

The second design was tricky. Maximalism, but not chaotic. We get enough chaos in our lives without putting it on our cups. I wanted something bright but feminine, without being too basic but while still holding its appeal. And I wanted colors with intention. Coral is the color of self-love, creativity, and balance-- all crucial things a mom needs. Turquoise symbolizes emotional balance, friendship, good luck, and feminism. We don't need luck, but we could sure use friends and a bit of balance, amiright? Lavender is the color of youth and vitality. May our hair silver with age, but just not yet, danggit. With all these colors together, you've got a color cocktail of positive vibes. Just what Mama needs.

Whether you're a new mom, a seasoned veteran, or reading this because you want get a mug for a Mama, just know You Can Do This.

I just finished typing this while holding a sleeping toddler at 1AM. Mama power.

(You can tap the photos above to shop the mugs. You're welcome, and thank you.)

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Brittany Nkunku
Brittany Nkunku
May 03, 2023

Love love love these mugs! I can’t wait to get them as gifts for mamas I love.

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