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Behind the Design: Volume One

Hey, Queens. B. Genette here!

I realize that I haven't really given too much insight into my design process on most of my pieces, so let's rectify that! The first piece I'd like to talk about is the You Are Worthy text design.

When coming up with the concept for this design, I really wanted it to feel personal, not like some generic text slapped on a sweater from Forever 21. I decided to go with a handwritten design instead of typography-style text for this effect. It took multiple attempts and loads of tweaking to get it just right- imperfect but easily legible and something I could see myself buying on a shirt even if I didn't design it myself.

The real significance of this design lies in the words. "You are worthy." Worthy of what? Everything. the job, the love, the support, the house, the forgiveness, the security, the confidence-- whatever it is that you may find yourself saying, "I don't deserve that. I'm not worthy. I'm not good enough for _____." That's what this design is for. It's a reminder to myself and to anyone else who wears it on their shirt, sees it on a sticker or mug, to remind us each and every day that we are Worthy, despite how we may feel.

And that's the story of the You Are Worthy design! Thanks for reading. Check us out on instagram, and let me know what other designs you want to know more about!


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