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How It All Began: The Enivid Origin Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who didn't really like her name, but LOVED to draw. She drew for hours and hours and hours a week, and over time a lot of those drawings started to be designs. Fashion shows on paper. The little girl loved creating fabulous outfits and beautiful characters to wear them.

Over time, the little girl became less little, and her designs became more complex. So did the characters who wore them. The little girl began to dream of making her designs real, and let the characters remain sketches on paper. She dreamed and dreamed, drawing endless ideas for years and years. She taught herself to sew. First a wallet with cumbersome embroidery, then a purse, then a dress.

She kept dreaming, even when she didn't get to fly across the country to go to her dream college. Or when she didn't get to go to her second choice. Or when she buckled down and attended community college. Or when community college beat her down with general studies and forced her to look for another route to her dream destination of Designer.

Time passed, and the little girl became a woman who became a wife who became a mom. And that mom still dreamed and still drew, just a little less. During lunch breaks and after bedtime, she drew. During nap time and after dinner, she dreamed.

Then one day, she found herself needing her dream to become a reality. There was a call she needed to answer for herself and her son. Would she be able to tell him to follow his passions if she failed to follow her own? So, she set pencil to paper, mind over matter, and sketched out about seven ideas. Three or four of them were good ideas. And that was enough.

She lost her job, and that was the tipping point. Using her savings, she bought a laptop and a printer and got to work.

A couple months and endless late nights later, ENIVID by B. Genette was born.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Just kidding. Come back next time to hear the rest.


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