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What is ENIVID?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

What is ENIVID? What does it mean? Where did it come from? What does it stand for? These are the questions I asked myself when deciding on the name for my brand. Sure, I could’ve picked a name that was “cute” or “flashy”, but I wanted my business to mean something. So, I sat and pondered, and then it came to me. Let’s back up for a second. Back to when I was in middle school, doodling in English class and dreaming of the future. Twelve year-old Brittany was ambitious and wildly imaginative, much like her adult self would be in the future. I had an idea, while sitting at my desk, an idea that sparked a series of sketches and intricate plans that eventually got left in the back of a closet somewhere, until recently. I conjured up the concepts for at least four different clothing lines-- casual wear, formal wear, children’s, men’s, you name it. But only one of them stayed with me throughout the years: a little clothing line called ENIVID. This line was special. IT was dynamic and unique, daring and different. This is the name I remembered years later as I finally prepared to launch my clothing line, and with it, my dreams. But what does it mean? It started out pretty simple. ENIVID is divine spelled backwards. Divine means “of, from, or like God or a god.” or “excellent; delightful.” While I’m by no means comparing my clothing to God, I do want God to be an integral part of everything I do, and I hope that people see Him working through my gift as I go through life. As for being excellent or delightful, I put my best efforts into my work, which makes it what I hope to be excellent, which in turn, should delight my customers. Now, going beyond the name of ENIVID, I wanted it to stand for something. I wanted each letter to serve a purpose, but I don’t want it to be a standard “This is what it means”. I want everyone to be able to decide for themselves. For myself, for example, ENIVID stands for Effective, Noteworthy, Iridescent, Vivacious, Intelligent, Divine. You can look the words up if you like, but in short, they’re words that I want to describe ME. I want these words to define me and my brand, to mean more than just clothing, more than some cool artwork, to be something to believe in. These are humble beginnings, but believe me when I say that this is just the start of something greater. Something Divine.


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