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Behind the Design: The Script Collection

When coming up with a new design, I always start with "intention." What do I want people to feel when they see and wear and use this piece/pieces? In the case of the Script Collection, I wanted people to feel supported, embraced, empowered. I wanted to make an embrace for women to wear around them that whispered in their ear, "You can do it. You're good enough. I promise."

From there, I had to think of the words, which, in this case, was easy enough. The mantra of Enivid: Her value is priceless. Her potential is limitless. She is a Queen. The next step was the hardest: drawing it out. I knew I wanted an all-over print, but I didn't want it to read like it was written on lined paper. And it couldn't be too perfect. It needed flaws, messy bits, imperfect little curves. I decided on a slanted, diagonal approach and let my hand lead the way. With almost reckless abandon, I wrote the words, the sentiments, over and over and over until the digital page was filled.

Then I did it again, and maybe one more time, to be sure. I honestly don't remember if it was two or three or four drafts in varying styles and levels of neatness before I landed on the winning one.

Each piece was born in its own time. First the longline sports bra came to be. Beautiful, simple, and practical.

Then came the bikini top, with its vivacious printed bottoms. This set became the anthem of my summer, the staple piece I didn't know I needed but suddenly couldn't do without.

The Fanny pack came around this time too, and it instantly became a favorite.

Then, at last, the Script Dress was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I wanted this dress to be practical but feminine. Empowering but subtle enough to wear anywhere. And I'm the perfect colors to compliment the changing seasons. I've always had a distaste for the way so many throw all their brightly colored clothing to the back of the closet when the darkness of fall and winter sets in. To me, this is the perfect time to match the changing leaves, to contrast the foggy mornings, to be a flower in a snow-covered field.

No matter which piece you choose and how you choose to wear it, I promise you'll feel that silent boost of confidence that comes with putting on something that makes you look and feel like a queen.


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